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We want everything from choosing your accommodation through to booking and living at Cityheart to be a an enjoyable experience, so we’ve made lists of some of the answers to your most common questions. Please select a topic below.

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How do I book a room?

You can book a room online here for all Cityheart Living locations except for students studying at Hartpury University.

To apply for accommodation at Blackfriars Residence, Hartpury students must do so through the Hartpury Accommodation Office.

Can I view a room before I book?

We hold several open days throughout the year. If you are unable to make the open days please email your local Cityheart Living team to see if they can organise a separate visit. Contact details can be found here.

Do I need an unconditional offer in order to book a room?

You can book a room with Cityheart Living with an unconditional or conditional offer, however you will be subject to our cancellation terms with can be found here.

What is an independent witness?

An independent witness is required for the tenancy agreement. The independent witness must be over 18 and not; be a member of the guarantor’s or student’s family or live in the same household. If we find that anyone else signs this agreement or if any signature is forged then it will be immediately reported to the police as it is a criminal offence.

Who can be a guarantor?

All UK students can choose to pay in instalments as long as they can provide a UK guarantor. If you cannot provide a guarantor you will need to pay the full year rent upon booking your accommodation. Please see our helpful guide of who can be a guarantor and what documents are required. This can be found here.

What happens if I don’t get my visa?

Please see the cancellation policy here for your accommodation.

How do I know my booking is complete?

When you logon to your Cityheart account it will say whether your booking is complete or if we are awaiting documentation. If you are not sure then please contact your local Cityheart Living team and they will assist. Contact details can be found here.

I have special requirements. How do I inform Cityheart Living?

You can either include this in the booking portal or you can email your local Cityheart Living team and they will assist you. Contact details can be found here.

Can I live with my friends?

When making your booking you can request to share with friends. However, it is up to you to make sure your friends apply at the same time as you so that we can try to place you in a flat together.

Can I cancel my contract before I move in?

A copy of the standard Cityheart Living Cancellation Policy can be downloaded from this website here.


How much is my room?

You can find all the pricing information on our rooms on our website here.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is £200.00 and is kept in a government approved deposit scheme during your tenancy.

How do I get my deposit back?

Deposits will be refunded once the tenancy has ended and final room checks have been completed.  All deposits are held with the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS).

How do I pay for my rent?

Please logon to the Cityheart Accommodation portal to pay your rent. This can be done here.

What happens if I can't make a payment?

You must make contact with us immediately if you are unable to make a payment. You should e-mail the local Cityheart representative so that a confidential discussion can be arranged.

What if I don’t pay?

Our formal debt collection process will begin and your guarantor will be contacted and will be asked to pay the amount that you owe. Cityheart Living will commence legal proceedings against any resident who fails to pay the rent due. These proceedings will also include action against the resident’s guarantor.

Do I need to pay council tax?

Provided you are a student in full time education you will be exempt from council tax.

Do I have to pay any Utility bills?

Our rents are inclusive of utility bills.


When can I move in?

Your local Cityheart Living team will contact you in the run up to your tenancy start date to let you know the move in arrangements.

Do you have parking onsite?

We have limited parking available for residents with a valid blue badge only.  For further info: Contact details can be found here.

What time can I arrive?

We usually accept arrivals from 9am – 4pm during office hours and also on arrivals weekends. Your local Cityheart Living team will contact you in the run up to your tenancy start date to let you know the move in arrangements.

Do I need to bring bedding?

Yes you need to provide all your own bedding and linen. The beds provided are small doubles (4ft).

Do you provide kitchen equipment?

We provide a toaster (or a grill), kettle, microwave, oven, fridge/freezer and a hob.

I haven’t completed my application yet, can I still move in?

Cityheart Living require all tenancy documentation to be completed before you are given access to your room. This includes tenancy agreement and deposit as well guarantor documentation (if applicable).

What if I am not happy with my allocated room or my flatmate?

Part of the experience is meeting people from different backgrounds, interests and cultures. We hope that you will enjoy the diversity of university or college life. However, should you be unhappy it is worth spending some time talking to your flatmates to try to come to some mutually agreeable solution. It is usually not possible for a room move unless an empty room is available. It is important to remember that moving to university is a stressful time and the initial teething problems are usually resolved within the first few weeks.

Will I be able to change rooms after I have arrived?

It is not usually possible to change rooms after you have arrived unless another resident also requests a room swap.

Is there Wi-Fi in my room?

All bedrooms have cabled and Wi-Fi facilities and this is included in your rent.

Can I bring a pet?

No, pets are not permitted at Cityheart Living.

Can I decorate my room?

You are responsible for ensuring that you leave your room and flat in the same condition that is was given to you. You will be asked to complete and return an inventory to record the condition of your room upon arrival. Marks on the walls and furniture, including those caused by blu-tac, white-tac or pins will require painting once you have left and you may be charged in line with our advertised schedule of charges.

Do I need a TV licence?

Cityheart Living do not supply TV licences for the television supplied in the studio/lounge area or communal area of your flat. Please contact TV Licensing for further details.

Where can I store my bike?

An external bike storage area is located onsite and storage is at the owners’ risk. No bikes may be stored within the flats.


Do I need contents insurance?

Cityheart Living are working in partnership with Endsleigh Insurance Ltd to provide you with limited contents insurance. When you move in you will be issued with the policy details.

How do I collect my post?

All post goes to the office and you will be issued with details of how to collect during the move in process.

What happens if I lock myself out of my room?

If this happens during office hours, pop to reception and they will be able to assist. If outside of office hours, your Senior Residents or security will be able to help.

What happens if something needs repairing in my room or flat

Please let the office know immediately or report it online here so we can arrange for maintenance to arrange a fix.

Can my friend stay over?

Overnight guests are not permitted at Cityheart Living.

Can I use Blu-Tack on the walls?

No, Blu-Tack or any alternative brand is not allowed.

Where can I do my Laundry?

Laundry facilities are provided with washer and dryers on-site for a small charge per use. This is a cashless system with topping up required via the ‘Circuit’ App.

Who is responsible for cleaning my flat?

It is the residents’ own responsibility to clean their rooms and they share responsibility for the communal area of the flat. Cityheart Living will conduct room and kitchen inspections throughout your tenancy (with prior notice) and you are expected to ensure that your room and flat is clean on these days. Failure to meet the required cleanliness standards will result in external cleaning contractors being brought in, the cost of which will be passed onto the resident(s). At the end of the tenancy the bedroom and flat must be returned in a good, clean condition to avoid cleaning charges, again it is the responsibility of all residents to ensure the kitchen and lounge are clean.

Can I smoke at Cityheart Living?

Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in any area within Cityheart Living; this includes bedrooms, stairways and external areas.

What if I have a complaint?

If you have any issues that you would like to bring to our attention please contact a member of staff in your management office who will endeavour to resolve the problem for you.


When does my tenancy end?

You can find your end date on your online account here.

Can I leave my belongings in my room after my tenancy end date?

All room items need to be removed before the tenancy end date. If items are left in the room they will not be covered by our insurance and you (and your guarantor) will be liable for any costs of packaging the items up and removal fees.

My flatmate has broken the microwave; will we be charged for it?

We do charge for damages, however, if the person responsible for causing the damage is willing to take full responsibility then we will only charge that person. If no one accepts the responsibility for damages in a communal area then the charge will be split between everyone in the flat. If this happens, you can discuss this further with a member of our team.

I forgot to put on the inventory that there was some damage when I moved in. Will I be charged?

Possibly yes, this is to be fair and consistent with our approach. We encourage you to complete the inventory thoroughly when you first move in. We also document any damage on our own inspections so you may find that we have a record of this damage, please speak to a member of the team for more information.

What happens if I have something being delivered to this address after I move out?

As we only have limited space for parcels and post we cannot keep mail once your tenancy has ended. All items delivered after the tenancy end date are returned to the sender.

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